Welcome to the “HOST AN ATHLETE” page. You will hopefully find all the information you need about this amazing program that you could be a part of!


We are inviting local families to participate in this unique program. Families have the opportunity to host our professional athletes who travel from their rural villages in East Africa, and are here in the UK and Ireland competing and training at various times throughout the year.

Our athletes will have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the UK and Ireland lifestyle and experience the fabulous hospitality in which they will receive. Host families benefit by learning about our athletes way of life all the way from East Africa and it’s cultural differences. The differences of our language and backgrounds, combined with the love of athletics and running ensure a memorable time and long lasting friendships for everyone.


Questions & Answers

How long do the athletes stay for?

We have athletes traveling here throughout the year for various races. Some are here for a short period (a few weeks) and we have longer stays- in the region of 3 months! However, we would only expect a host family to keep an athlete for a week or 2.

What’s is the age of the traveling athlete?

Generally 19 – 30 years of age.

Can we host more than one athlete?

Yes, you can host more than just one athlete.

What do I need to provide the athlete with?

The athletes will need a bed, access to a shower, laundry facilities and access to a cooker etc. The athletes will cook for themselves. However,  while these are the athletes basic needs, host families can offer much more, such as the use of their computers for email access, and to join the family for meals.

What type of transport do they need?

None Our athletes will adopt and train locally to where they are staying (on local roads, trails or wherever is most convenient).

Do I need to entertain them?

No. Host families have the option to include them in family activities or even sightseeing trips. The athletes would really appreciate getting a locals tour of the area but these social activities are not compulsory. The athletes first priority is to train daily, and race. Therefore all social activities must be scheduled around their strict training program.

If you have any further questions please email us at- THANKS 🙂

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4 thoughts on “HOST AN ATHLETE

  1. Hi we are interested in hosting an athlete. Our address BT41 3Rr near Antrim and Ballymena and public transport to Belfast. We have a flat with separate kitchen which a guest could use. Our family are very involved in Ecos parkrun and I am Coaching Coordinator for Ballymena Runners as well as leading an interclub development initiative.

    1. Hi Susanna,

      Thanks a mill for your message. I have sent you an email with further details on our hosting program :).


    1. Hi Michelle.

      I have sent you an email with further details :).

      Drop me a message on Facebook as well @PrjtAfrica and I can give you more details there.


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