Project aim

Registered Charity Number- NIC103288

Through this project we aim to build a sustainable athletics camp at altitude in rural East Africa, affording athletes the opportunity to realise their athletic potential and find a way out of poverty through running.

The current athletics camp- housing upwards of 15 athletes.
The current athletics camp- housing upwards of 15 athletes.

About the project

The project I am introducing involves runners from rural villages of East Africa- primarily focusing on Uganda and Kenya. Having just returned from a 4 month stay with 3 separate athletics clubs in Ugandan and Kenya, I was keen to set up this campaign as soon as possible upon my return.
Many athletes I met are currently living in severe poverty, while their athletic talents go to waste. What struck me most was the fact that I came across so many talented athletes who could potentially make a decent living as elite and sub elite distance runners but simply didn’t have the required facilities nor support to do so. Therefore, they undertake small scale peasant farming in order to survive, while their talents and the talents of others around them simply go to waste.
Its because of this that through this appeal and through Project Africa Athletics we hope to build an athletics training camp at altitude in a small rural village I visited during my time there, deep in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya. The exact location of the camp will be in the village of Solian, Eldama Ravine District, where no such camp currently exists. We hope to construct this camp by the end of 2017.
I feel that through this training camp we can give talented athletes the chance to realize their athletic potential and give them an opportunity to run free from poverty for ever.
If you feel you want to contribute to this ambitious program then your donations and support will go towards several key areas-
1) Construction of the camp.
2) Forming sustainable projects to help the athletes sustain themselves in the camp (crop growing, small scale farming etc).
3) Give an athlete the opportunity to free themselves and others around them from poverty, through running.
4) Giving athletes from the UK and Ireland the chance to visit East Africa and train with some of the best athletes in the world of distance running.
ADIDAS high performance centre Iten. An example of what we hope to achieve
ADIDAS high performance centre Iten. An example of what we hope to achieve

One thought on “DONATE

  1. Thank you Collins you are doing a great job with us and taking athletics in the club to the next level.I can’t wait working with you.The athletes are a marvel to watch.

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